Professional Liability Insurance in North Dakota

As a business owner in North Dakota, it is essential to make the right investments to protect your business in all situations. For those businesses that provide services to clients where negligence claims can be made, it is good to carry professional liability insurance. If you have a business in or around Bismarck, ND, Kramer Agency has a professional liability insurance policy for you.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

This policy is a type of Business Insurance policy designed to protect your employees and business assets if you are sued for negligence by one of your clients. Cases where a service is provided, but the client claims that there is financial or physical damage due to the service. The following types of businesses benefit the most from professional liability insurance:

  • Contracted services provided to clients
  • Advising clients in terms of finances, legal terms, or physical fitness
  • Professional industries

Personal Injury

One of the most common claims for professional liability is at the hands of a plaintiff who has suffered a personal injury. This injury references their own personal character, suing for slander or libel.


If your client depends on you to provide steady financial or legal advice, then it is essential to stay ahead of these situations. If you have a client that has suffered losses due to your company's negligence in service, you need professional liability coverage.

Infringing on Copyrights

If any mistakes or law issues develop with copyrights of your clients or misunderstandings, you can use this policy for protection if you are sued.

Get Your Policy Today

While the state of North Dakota may not require professional liability insurance, other business owners who this policy has saved will swear by it. If you have a business around Bismarck, ND, contact our agents at Kramer Agency today for more information.