Life Insurance in North Dakota

When taking out a life insurance policy, it is essential to note that you are writing this policy for your beneficiaries. Since life insurance takes effect after your passing, it is meant as a final gift for your loved ones so that you know you have taken care of them even when you are no longer around. At Kramer Agency in Bismarck, ND, we offer our clients the option to take care of their loved ones with life insurance.

Is Life Insurance Required?

The state of North Dakota does not require residents to carry a minimum life insurance policy. Still, it does come highly recommended, especially considering the needs and fees that follow a family in the event of a death.

Uses for Your Life Insurance Policy

There are several things that your family can use a life insurance policy for:

  • Final Service Costs
  • Inheritance
  • Outstanding Debt Coverage

Final Service Costs

When someone passes away, there are costs for having the remains disposed of properly and any memorial services you wish to have in honor of your memory. With your life insurance policy, you allow your loved ones to grieve and not have to worry about these additional costs.


Leaving behind a sum of money for your loved ones is something that we all want to be able to do. This is extremely important if your dependents are young or unable to care for themselves. If you have one or more depending on you financially, leaving behind an inheritance is a great way to ensure they have the money they need.

Outstanding Debt Coverage

Carrying debt is something that many of us have to do to stay ahead and enjoy our current lifestyles. Many North Dakota residents still owe on properties, homes, and vehicles. To allow your loved ones to keep this property, there need to be funds available to pay off this debt should you pass.

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