Condo Insurance in North Dakota

Many of the condo communities in Bismarck, ND have a master HOA insurance policy that all the condo owners pay for community protection. While it protects hallways, lobbies, pool areas, and other shared spaces, they do not have protection within their own condo. In North Dakota, you need your own condo insurance policy to get coverage within your four walls.

How Does Condo Insurance Work?

Very similar to home insurance, condo insurance protects your personal space that you own and does not share with other condo members. External structures and shared pipes may be covered with the master policy, but your policy covers anything related specifically to your condo.

Coverage Protect with Condo Insurance

Your condo insurance can cover everything from your personal structure to your property within. With condo insurance, any personal property that you have stored in the condo is protected in the event of a tragedy beyond your control.

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Clothing / Jewelry

These items will need to be replaced if your condo falls victim to a natural disaster or theft. Without condo insurance, you will be responsible for replacing all of these items on your own.

Liability Coverage

Suppose you have guests over to your condo and are hurt while on the property. You have liability protection to cover any costs or damages. If they are in community property when hurt, your master HOA condo policy will apply. However, if they are in your personal condo, then you will be responsible and need condo insurance to help cover these costs. Condo owners who have small children and/or pets should have this policy for this protection. Children enjoy having guests over regularly, and pets may not always be hospitable to your guests.

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