Does Renters Insurance Cover My Roommate?

Renters insurance will not cover your roommate if they aren’t listed in the policy. Most insurance companies will not honor the roommate agreement if they don’t have insurance. 

The insurance will, however, insure a roommate who’s your family member.  Kramer Agency in Bismarck, ND offers the following guide in navigating renters insurance. 

What Renters Insurance Embraces 

If the landlord requires everyone to have renters insurance and one of you doesn’t have it, then that person is liable for any damage to the property if they cause it. If you have any doubts about whether your policy covers your roommate, then talk to a broker to see if you need to add any coverage. 

If your renter’s insurance does not cover your roommate, then you will have to purchase a separate policy for them. Second, make sure that the coverage you purchase for your roommate meets the same requirements as the coverage you have for yourself. 

If you rent an apartment or house that is not owned by your family or someone else who will be responsible for covering the cost of damages in case of an accident, then yes, you need renters insurance. 

Even if your landlord has a maintenance contract that will cover some costs in case of an accident, this may not always be enough to cover all costs associated with the replacement or repair of damaged items in your home. 

Renters insurance can help fill in the rest of the gap between what is available under existing contracts and what is needed for repairs/replacement costs associated with accidents at home.

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Roommates can be a liability for you and your landlord. If you’re renting a house with a roommate, it’s a lot easier for your housemate to sue. 

Having another coverage for your roommate will protect your belongings in the case of a fire or other disaster that would cause significant loss. For inquiries, visit Kramer Agency serving the greater Bismarck, ND community.